Jenna McBain Featured in ALM’s “How I Made Partner” Series

Private Equity partner Jenna McBain was featured in a Q&A as part of the “How I Made Partner” series published by ALM.

When asked who had the greatest influence on her career, Ms. McBain shared that she’s been fortunate to have had a number of official and unofficial mentors throughout her career. Ms. McBain continued: “The path to partnership may look linear from a distance but it can be far from that. Persevere through setbacks and the growing pains of being an associate — we all go through it.”

Ms. McBain noted two important facets to successful business development. “First and foremost, there is no substitute for continually focusing on doing excellent work for clients. Going above and beyond on a deal will always be valued and remembered more by a client than any tickets to a game or fancy dinner.” Secondly, she emphasized to “always remember to keep in touch with people within your network while also expanding your network.”

Additionally, Ms. McBain discussed how she felt about her career now that she’s made partner: “I certainly feel a sense of accomplishment in my career but I know it doesn’t stop here. This journey will bring new challenges and I’m excited for that. I also feel an increased sense of responsibility to contribute to the growth and success of our younger lawyers, to redouble my commitment to pro bono service, and to further support the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts internally and externally.”

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